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Digital Africa Agency is a PPC Agency company that is dedicated to serving clients that are looking for PPC services from a reputable company. We have a dedicated team that handles paid ads for our customers.

So what is PPC Marketing?

Pay per click (PPC) Marketing is a bidding model where you pay the cost of advertising only when a person clicks on your advert. Most advertisers want their brand to be found on the first page of the search engine. Search Engines could be google, bing, or even Yandex. There are always two ways of getting your brand on the first page.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) This where you optimized your web pages, content on your website and do some technical SEO for your website in accordance with the search engine guidelines. It is cheap and takes time for you to see the results. Traffic is organic
  2. Pay per click (PPC-Paid Search)– This where you use your funds to get ranked. The ranking, in this case, is determined by an array of factors which include, your landing page, your advert score among others. The most type of PPC that will give you a chance to display your brand on the first page of Google is paid Search.

So what does Pay per Click (PPC)entails and how can does it work…

Pay per Click is very structured and you need to understand all the categories. We have the campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Perhaps the most area that you need to pay much attention to is your keyword selections.

Proper Keyword selection will determine the success of your campaign.

So before setting up a campaign ensure that you have selected keywords you need. In this list, you will keep adding and delisting as well as banning non-performing keywords that are costly to your campaign.

Besides the campaign settings, you need to ensure that the landing page where your customers will visit after clicking your advert is relevant to the campaign. Otherwise, Google will give the least score to your campaign.

Search engines reward you by ranking your advert above other adverts when your landing page offers the best user experience and the bidding value is higher than those of other advertisers in the auction center.

Benefits of Using PPC Marketing for your Business

Develop Brand Awareness: The easiest way to build a brand with the least cost is by using PPC. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is widely chosen to meet brand awareness of your product or service. This is because you pay the advertising network few dollars for every a thousand people who see your brand.

Targeting Options: Pay-per-click marketing allows the advertiser to target customers based on their geographical locations, demographics, language among other options at disposal to be used. So if you have an experienced team to do proper targeting for you, you will reduce the cost of looking for, next customer.

Economical: As the name suggests, you pay only when someone clicks on your advert. The interesting part of this is that you are the one who determines the amount you want to pay before you set your advert live.

Results are Fast: PPC Marketing unlike Search engine Optimization (SEO) shows quicker results. You can set up your business today and make sales today. You just have to bid appropriately for your advert to be rank high and you will have high chances of seeing the next customer at your doorstep. It is fair and given chance to both small and big businesses.

Ready Customers: Something you need to understand is that consumers of your product are humans and they exhibit certain characteristics that can be predicted in the future. Let’s be honest here, when you go to a search engine, for instance, google. Do you search for fun or when you need it? Most people search for what they want and they will buy what they will prefer those brands that Google has ranked on the first page. It is a fact and we are all victims.

Boost Business ROI: The easiest way to stimulate business ROI is by marketing through PPC Marketing and it has been ranked the most preferred to other marketing techniques

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Why Our PPC Agency has Rated the Best PPC Marketing Agency in Africa?

Certified PPC Experts: All our teams are fully certified by Google and other reputed organization that offers PPC training courses. We follow the best industry standards and conduct our business in a harmonious way. Ensuring all parties are well protected and happy. We advocated a healthy ecosystem.

18 years of Combine Paid Ads Experience: Our team has vast experience and skills that will transform your business for good. Marketing has a lot to improve. We have worked all that journey. You don’t need to go through some pitfall that will cost you money and might not even yield any results. Just tell us about your business, tell us about your business goals, and let our team do the rest. We do offer services that are incredible.

Robust Customer Care: Our customer care that you will contact and interact with are professionals who value clients and will do what you just ask them to do. Communications are recorded and can be referred to in the future.

Taking Actions that will turn your ideas into a Real Business is what most entrepreneurs tend to hesitate a lot. We know that, and you are shielded from unnecessary mistakes that you can make when you are starting an online business. We have Ordered every day and our clients are happy. Onboarding is simple, Sign Up a form below, and welcome to our big family ⬇️⬇️⬇️.