How to use your social Media -Facebook, Instrgam and Twitter to increase your brand visibility and your business ROI

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All big brands you see today was at one point a small business. Growing your brand takes time and resources. It need commitment and hard work. Both online and offline.

This article will help you learn how to build your brand from scratch as well as increasing your return on investment through social media. And the knowledge apply to any business, including individual or personal Accounts.

We will explore three social media platforms that are leading according to Statista and they include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms are widely used and we are going to study each one of them.

Facebook Branding and Marketing

Facebook is the leading social media platform by number of monthly users. It is a widely used platform both by small and large business brands.

Facebook has updated their algorithm such that you must pay as business in order to play or to be visible.

It is fair as it give both big brands and small brands an opportunity to reach their target customers.

So how do you go about Facebook and Facebook Marketing?

First, you need to have a Facebook personal account in order to create a Facebook business Page. Below are steps on how to create a page:

  1. Go to your Facebook personal account and click on the create the page, use your business name as your Facebook page name, and add your username. An example of this could be the Name of the page – Market Tine. Page username could be something like this- @markettine. Page username appears below your page name and usually in your page URL. It makes it easy to be remembered. Note that you can have a similar page name with other businesses but you will never have a similar page username.
  2. Now that is done, we want now to add a cover photo and page profile photo. And we do this by understanding the photo sizes. For Cover photo for the Facebook page should be 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall for desktop and for mobile it has to be 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. If you want to use Video, the video should be between 20 -60 seconds long. The profile picture for the Facebook page should be 170 pixels by 170 pixels on desktop or 128 by 128 pixels for mobile. Custom photo size, you can easily create in them in or go to and look for designers to create that for you.
  3. Once that is uploaded, you are supposed to go now to page info: here you are required to tell Facebook and Facebook users more about your business. Fill in the information as much as you can. Ensure the About section describes what your business does in detail. Also, try to add a map to your business. That will help you to boost your local business search.
  4. Once you are done with that, head on to Page settings, then Templates and tabs. Under Templates, select a template that best represents what you are doing. For instance, if you are offering service, select a service template, if you are doing E-commerce, select a shopping template. When you go down to the taps section, tick or allow taps that are relevant to your business and reorganize them as you will like to appear to your users; you do that by dragging and dropping.
  5. After you have polish your page well. The next thing left will be now to populate content on your page. And you do this by following these simple approve rules for a healthy social media account. (it applies to all social media posts) : 4-1-1 Rule of thumb.
    1. 4 posts have to be shared content, that is you curated from other publishers.
    2. 1 post has to be original content that you created by yourself.
    3. 1 post has to be a post that is promotional.
  6. Finally, you have one thing left, we want to invite your friends to like your page. You do this by inviting them. Don’t do one by one, you have a section under invite, which says select All, click that, and send an invite to all.

How do you create compelling post to your audience?

Post with images engage more than post that has texts only. It is said a picture is a word more than a thousand words. Try as much as you can to take high resolution pictures of your products if you want to post them.

If you don’t have to take pictures, then you can try to use tools like Canva to create the best infographics that you can post in your Facebook page.

Videos is more engaging than any other format out there. If you can create high quality videos, you will have more engagement.

Leverage Facebook stories as well when you want to give out offers. Since those stories will only be visible for 24 hours.

If you are trying to go live, that is Facebook live, be consistent. Let your followers know that every that at a certain period of time, you usually go live. Facebook will reward you big when you do that.

When is the right time to post in Facebook?

This a question that most people tend to ask me in conferences and seminars.

According to research Monday and Friday ( mid-day) have a high engagement rate.

However, Thursday has the highest engagement of the week. You can try to leverage that information and you will see some positive feedback.

Something to note again is that you should try to be consistent in posting as much as you can.


Instagram is another popular platform mostly used after Facebook. It is a own by Facebook.

Everything boil down to have a personal Account. You can do this by creating an Instagram account with a name similar to Facebook page.

After you have done that feed all the sinformation asked that are relevant to your business.

Ensure that information you give out are consistent to the one you gave out when you were creating a Facebook page.

Something to note, ADDRESS is very important. It must be consistent with that of Facebook.

Instagram is known for pictures. if you know how to create compelling pictures with high resolution. Then you are good.

Create best infographics if you are service company. If you are selling physical products, then take high resolution pictures.

There is one important thing you should utilize, Instagram stories, it has highest engagement and best conversion.

once in a while ensure you go live, Maybe when you have events or when you want to showcase new products to your followers.

Last thing, I want you to do is to connect your Facebook page and your Instagram account.

How to connect Facebook page and Instagram Account


  1. Go to Facebook page
  2. Select ‘ Page Info’
  3. Scroll down till you find “other Accounts”
  4. Type in your Instagram name in the space provided then select Instagram and connect. And your account will be connected.

Twitter Branding and Marketing

Twitter is a widely used platform when you want to pass idea, message or raise an opinion.

The following steps can be used together started in the platform:

First, you need to create twitter account that has similar name with Facebook and Instagram.

The description section should be the same as the one used in other platforms.

All sections should be filled with relevant information. and must be consistent with other social media accounts.

The cover photo should be added and should be matching the services or products you sell. Cover size for twitter should be 1500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall. While the twitter profile should be 400 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall.

What next after setting up the twitter account?

Start posting relevant posts that are relevant to your business. Here is a simple way of how to do it:

Follow 4-1-1 posting principle:

4 posts has to be curated content

1 post has to be original content

1 post has to be for promotional.

The circle of posting should follow that if you want grow both by followers and brand relevancy.

Note also that you need to create your brand name Hashtag that you can use use whenever you post something on twitter.

How to grow Followers in twitter.

Here is how you can grow followers that are interested in your brand.

First, start by following brand or people that are of your industry. You can follow 10 people in a day.

secondly, when they post, spend some time by responding to their tweets, that is by commenting and retweeting. Do that consistently. And you will be surprise how much your account will grow.

Finally when need to connect our Facebook page with our Twitter account.

Go to Facebook page>Page Info>Scroll Down to ‘ Other Accounts’ > Type in your Twitter account name then Connect.

If you can follow the above steps correctly you should be able to see some positive results for your brand. And set to advance with me your brand in the next social media blogs that we will publish in the future.

Leave us a comment or reach to us via email so that we can better serve you better.


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